Saturday, November 20, 2010

What's been going on?

So I'm going to try and blog at the end of the week to just give a brief update of what's been going on with us. Maybe this will help me be a better blogger :)
We just sent out our most recent prayer letter. I've also uploaded a link to it if you are interested in seeing it electronically.

The Elementary does the World's Fair every other year and it was fun to watch the kids prepare. Zach's class studied the United States, and Miriam's studied Slovakia. You can see the videos of their classes performing their songs on posts below. But here are some pics of them in their classrooms.

Zach was playing hide and go seek at a friends house and he decided to hide in the shower, when he tried to get out he pushed on the glass door and the hinge came off the top and fell right on his big toe. Needless to say there was a lot of screaming and crying, and instantly it started to turn purple. This is a picture of what it looked like 2 days later. We decided to take a little pressure off of it with a quilting needle and some paper-towels, and then on Monday at school it popped at recess. It's looking much better, and we've been told countless times how brave Zach is, but we still think he will lose the toe-nail. He's a tough one!

This weekend the middle schoolers performed the musical Aladdin and did a great job! It was fun to watch the talent of these young kids.

We are really looking forward to Thanksgiving with friends, enjoying some relaxing time with lots of good food! I'm sure there will be pictures to post of our feast. We would love to hear from you of how you spend Thanksgiving. I'm looking forward to the weekend too because we usually start to decorate for Christmas. Woohoo, it will finally be time for Christmas music!

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