Sunday, February 17, 2008

The washing machine and a bucket

You can probably only guess what the day has been like from the title. Our Miriam has a bug, so she has owned the couch the last couple of days. This morning she woke up early with a stomache ache and we came downstairs to lay on the couch. She wanted some cold water, and after about half the cup she leaned over and let it all go. We got out the bucket, began washing clothes, cushions and the floor. She's had a pretty rough day with nothing in her stomache and continuing to feel yucky. She's been able to catch little catnaps through the day which is good, but Zach is definitely missing his playmate. We're just praying that it will pass soon and she'll be feeling better soon. At least this isn't a busy week for us, and we can just stay home.

Here's a cute picture of Aaron and the kids in their cool Disney shirts from family. I got some comfy PJ's, but I think I'll withhold that picture from the blog:)

Friday, February 1, 2008

Is it really February already?

I just can't believe how time is flying. Today is already the 1st of seems like we were just at the conference and living a busy schedule there, and then we've come home and it's been a busy schedule here too. Most importantly, thank you again for praying for our family and the conference. I know I've said it was a hectic time, just trying to keep up the schedule of late nights and early mornings, but it was such a good time for us also. We both really felt it was a good reminder that there is so much going on in the countries around us and here in Hungary that we need to be praying for. Sometimes the ministries here can be so seperate that we don't really know what's happening on campus, or in the family ministries, but we need to be praying for them.
One of the biggest things that was a blessing for us was the children's conference that the kids were involved in. There was a team of about 17 adults, from Bakersfield, CA, who raised their own support to come, buy crafts, curriculum and activities. They taught our kids while we were in meetings and different sessions, and just loved on them and cared for them. I know I was able to go to all the sessions because they were there.
Here is a picture of the new friends our family made while at the conference.
"North" Teachers

If you click on the link at the right of pictures you can go to picasa web albums and see more pictures and video clips from the conference.

Life is staying in full swing since we've been home, not to mention all the laundry to catch up on. I've been trying to focus more on home-school time with Miriam and Zach. Dance has started back up for Miriam, Aaron is in the middle of the basketball season, in fact they have 5 games in the next 2 weeks. Two in Vienna and one in Bratislava, so there will be some traveling in the near future for the team. One of the nice changes in the European Union countries is there is no border control anymore. You can drive straight through border crossings and not have to wait in long lines to have your passport checked. Just an interesting tidbit.

I know I have so much that I want to tell you about the conference and the sessions and just our time in general, but I hope this gives you an idea of how refreshing it was for us and the kids. Our first night there the kids were bouncing on their beds around 10:00 at night telling us how great of a vacation this was, and how much they loved their fun classes. What an answer to prayer!

Please let us know how your New Year has begun and how we can be praying for you.