Monday, October 20, 2008

Beth Moore Online Videos

Friends of ours added this onto their blog and I was excited because I've been trying to think of something to do for more study time.

Beth Moore offers a great audio bible study broadcast weekly...go to this link... it's updated every monday... right now she's doing romans & talking about the stronger & weaker brothers... good stuff!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Lunch with the Ladies

On Wednesday I got to host a lunch for Melissa. She was only in town for 1 week to visit her sister's new baby and spend time with family, but we were able to steal her away for a few hours. We had probably 8 ladies over for lunch, but we didn't remember to take a picture until almost the end. Oooops! I know it's a big smile, but I was excited that Mel was here for a bit. She left this morning, but it was so good to have some good hang out time with her. Like the good old days:) We miss you Mel, but so glad we had you again for a week.

Destroying Pumpkins

You would think that at this time of year we'd be showing videos and pictures of decorating pumpkins and getting ready for the Fall, but that's not the norm here. Back in September Aaron had his school retreat, and on the way home they were able to stop at a pumpkin farm. He came home with one huge pumpkin and a smaller one. The larger one has been developing some nasty spores and not looking so pretty on the porch with big black spots all over. Aaron asked Zach yesterday if he would like to destroy the pumpkin yesterday. Zach's face lit up and he ran upstairs to grap his tools. The picture shows how much fun they had punching holes through with the mallot and kid hammer. They had to break the whole thing apart to find one of Zach's screwdrivers that was pounded into the pumpkin. You can see from the last picture what the poor pumpkin looked like after its demise. Miriam was amazed at how many seeds were inside.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Funny Moment

Yesterday we were in church and we were getting ready for communion. Zach turned around to watch others and saw one of the moms at church dressed for Scouts. Zach looked at me and said in a very loud whisper "Mom, I think that girl behind us is a cop!" I told her later and the best part to her was that Zach called her a girl:)

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Just Hangin' Around

Wanted to share a couple good pics of the kids just doing kid things. Zach just discovered this costume that we found for him this summer.

Miriam loves doing art projects. On Saturday they got the modeling clay out and Miriam created this collage of a little girl eating a strawberry and many other things too many to name. She is very creative!

Miriam's New Bike

Miriam got a new bike a few weeks ago. She's been practicing a little more, but so excited that she finally has a big girl bike. She had really wanted her Little Mermaid bike from the States, but when she saw this one it had a princess on it, so she was happy!