Monday, January 18, 2010

Addison Road - What Do I Know Of Holy w/Lyrics

This is quickly becoming one of my favorite songs....

Back to Bon Bons and Soap Operas

Zach has officially started Pre-1st grade at ICSB. He is so excited to be doing everything that his sister does in the morning to get ready for school. But as he told me this morning he's glad he gets more play-time at school than she does! He's in a class with 8 other children and has a wonderful teacher who is also one of my friends. Makes for a very easy transition. Above is a picture from this morning as we were heading out. He informed me I needed to stand in the same place as when I take Miriam's first day pictures. We had a decent snow-fall last night so we're all bundled up. A little different than a normal first day picture in shorts and t-shirts :)

Here's a picture of me and Zach in his classroom. What a big kid, at least I was able to keep the rabbit ears down in this picture.