Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Coming to America

I can’t believe we’ve been here for more than a week already. If you’ve received our e-mail you know that we had an interesting time in the JFK airport. I’ll give a brief recap…We left Sunday afternoon after packing and moving all of our belongings on Saturday to our new home. Our flight was going well, kids were doing well, and we landed on time, but only had an hour and a half to catch our next flight. We ended up sitting on the runway for 2 ½ hours waiting for Air-traffic issues and then weather so that we could taxi into our gate. Needless to say, we missed our first flight to Pittsburgh, we could have been rerouted to Columbus, but missed that flight, and then missed the later flight to Pittsburgh because it was overbooked already. So, they re-booked us onto an 8 am flight to Pittsburgh, but because it was not a Delta issue they did not give us a hotel, so we slept in Terminal 4 for a few hours with our luggage and then finally flew to our destination in the morning. Our family that had been waiting to drive us to Columbus got a good night’s sleep at a nearby hotel and then helped us finish our trip.
We have had a great time getting together with family, meeting new members of our family, seeing nieces play softball, celebrating Father’s Day, and spending time outside. Aaron’s sister put the word out that she needed bikes for our kids, and has received three bikes now for Zach. He thinks this is incredible, he has quite a selection. Miriam has a beautiful Little Mermaid bike to ride. Becky’s mom has neighbors that have a large above ground swimming that have made sure to have everything ready quickly for us so we can swim during the day. We took advantage of that yesterday. It was a little chilly, but the kids didn’t care much.
We’ve been asking you to pray for a vehicle for us to drive for the summer. Thank you for your prayers. We have a car that has been offered, and we went to pick it up tonight, and they discovered right before we go there that there is a crack/leak in the brake line and fluid is leaking. Their mechanic told them that it wouldn’t have taken much for the brakes to completely have gone. We are thankful that it was discovered before we got it and that it can be fixed quickly and we can probably get it in the next few days.
We are looking forward to a relaxing summer and spending time with family and friends. Check out our Picasa album to the side to see our pictures from our time so far, or click on this website: http://picasaweb.google.com/Langspics/TimeInAmerica