Thursday, March 13, 2008


Just wanted to send a quick praise that we had our immigration appointment this morning, and we're able to turn in our paperwork for our new visas. We have one document that our Hungarian helper needs to get and take down there, but all of our other paperwork was accepted and we are praying on April 14th we will be able to go pick up new visas that will last until Sept. 13, 2010. We are so thankful that everything went well this morning. We were there for 1 1/2 hours turning in our papers and the kids did so well coloring and sitting to listen to books. That's even with both of them having the beginnings of colds. We are carrying tissues with us everywhere.
One couple from our small group graduated from Texas A&M, so the kids found his big boots Saturday night and tried walking around the house.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Just a good pic

Losing a First Tooth

What a week! Miriam has been wiggling her first loose tooth for a long time, so we've been preparing for it. I made a little pillow for her to put her tooth in and put under her pillow in bed for the tooth fairy, and we were having fun teasing her about pulling it for her. Well, Sunday we were at a going away party for some friends and Miriam fixed a little plate of snacks (grapes, cookies, and a couple strawberries). When we all got in the van she exclaimed to us that she couldn't feel anything with her tongue. Sure enough, while she was eating she swallowed her tooth. She was a little disappointed that she couldn't show it to everyone, but had fun telling all where her lost tooth now was. Last night the tooth fairy must have known that she lost a tooth, but couldn't put it in her pillow because she still left her 100 forint (=.50). She's excited to use this for a ride at the grocery store or for a special treat the next time we go shopping. Zach asked where his 100 ft was, so I explained it was only when you lost a tooth, and he proceeded to show me where he had lost many teeth from the back of his mouth. Very funny!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

ICSB Basketball Tournament

An Amazing Transformation Taking Place

We had been planning for some time to cut Zach's hair in a mohawk for the tournament this year, so it was growing unusually long for him. Thursday morning before school Aaron cut his hair and before we left for the games it was my responsibility to make it stand up as best as I could. The next two days didn't have as much height to them, but he had many people impressed with his hair-do. Needless to say, Sunday morning, he was stripped of his punk-look and back to a nice short haircut. We all had fun last weekend watching as our girls and boys team played hard and took second place.

Aaron's basketball season is also done and they completed with an undefeated record. Here's a pic from their last game.